Dean of Pastoral Care

JOB LOCATION:  Multiple Locations across India



The position holder shall assist the Principal and Vice Principal in the general administration and management of the school. The primary responsibility will be to ensure a supportive and caring environment for our students that they love to live and learn in.

The School expects the post holder to play an active and leading role in the following areas –
1) Leading a dedicated Pastoral Team
• Ensuring:
 Policies and procedures of the school regarding pastoral matters are being adhered to by cluster coordinators, house parents, assisting staff and students in both letter and spirit.
 Supervision and leadership Maintaining cleanliness, orderliness and discipline in the hostel clusters
 Proper use of property/facility at the cluster including movement of people and vehicles in coordination with associated security, maintenance and housekeeping contractors.
• Dealing with Student Issues
 Admissions
 Exits
 Student Strength Reconciliation

Ensuring the following:
 Adequate supervision of students at all times
 Safety & security of the residents
 Physical and emotional well-being of the students in coordination with the medical team, counselors and associated staff members.
 Security concerns are adhered to generally and for special cases
 Organizing inter block Events, recreation and outings
 Annual medical check-up of students

• Dealing with Hostel Cluster Coordinator and House Parent Issues
 Induction of new members, guiding and supervising them
 Assigning responsibilities/duties regarding pastoral care as required
 Holding periodic meetings with the team, recording them and associated follow up.
 Punctuality and attendance of the team to their assigned duties.
 Ensuring that cluster coordinators, house parents and associated staff are informed for any changes/developments in schedules
 Recommending house parent leaves in accordance with the School leave policy.

• Dealing with parents
 Interacting with parents on pastoral matters
 Resolving conflicts if any therein
 Coordinating arrivals and departures of parents and their wards

• Promoting collaboration between the pastoral team and the rest of the School.
• Resolution of conflicts between students or/and staff or/and parents wherever required
• Maintaining a record of compliance in daily routines in the hostels and sharing noteworthy issues with the VP/Principal.
• Internal Reports & Follow up
 Preparation of reports
 Follow up on issues
• Conducting periodic surprise round of hostels
• Developing policies necessary for smooth functioning of pastoral matters
• Continuously reviewing and streamlining pastoral systems & processes
• Anticipating long term requirement and planning for up-gradation of facilities in the hostel
• Budgeting requirements for academic sessions

Apart from Pastoral Matters the post holder shall also be in charge of:

2) Sports - Sports Coordinator including sports instructors/teachers will report to the post holder -
 Planning and overseeing the successful implementation of the sports programme assisted by the sports coordinator including all round and proper training of our students in the variety of sports being offered, holding on campus sports events and competitions and participation in similar events outside.

3) Excursions & Outings – Planning, arrangements and coordination assisted by the office accountants.

4) Monitoring the Administrative Staff who will report to the post holder -
 Supervision of office staff in carrying out all the responsibilities listed below:
 Creating a rich work culture, setting standards in terms of punctuality and team work.
 Creating an ethos of support & assistance to teachers, students & parents
 Training of office staff
 Office Correspondence
 Travel arrangements – Train and bus for students assisted by accountants
 Parent Circulars and Office Orders

5) Monitor health care in the campus - The Health Center Team will report to the post holder. Incidents of health emergencies and hospitalization will have to be monitored carefully and ensure correct and timely information is given to the parents of the patient.
Any other duties as assigned to the post holder by the Principal or Vice-principal.

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