Football Coach for a Residential School

JOB LOCATION:  Rajasthan


Coaching is widely described as one of the most rewarding professions out there. Not only do you get to remain a huge part of the beautiful game, but watching others improve until your tutelage is a joy to behold.

Coaches develop footballers in their physical game, their tactical awareness and their mental motivation, ensuring that they keep improving the skills they need to become winners. They plan sessions, work on how players could improve, develop tactics, dispense advice and ultimately help everyone develop both as individuals and as a team.


-To deliver high quality, age appropriate (the majority of sessions would be for children and young people) football coaching sessions within a variety of settings which may include leisure centers, community facilities and schools
-To attend all coaching/instructor meetings as required
-A commitment to equality and diversity in both the delivery of services to staff
-Demonstrate awareness/understanding of equal opportunities and other peoples behavioral, physical, social welfare needs
-To represent the School at all times in a responsible, professional and courteous manner
-To adhere to the School's policies and procedures at all times including safeguarding practices
-To ensure that responsible care is taken at all times for health, safety and welfare of yourself and other persons, and to comply with policies and procedures relating to health and safety within the School
-To undertake any other duties within the overall purpose and scope of the job as may be required


Bachelors in Physical Education with specialization in Soccer


Best as per the industry standards.

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